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Kits are printed on 250GSM Semi Gloss Pro-Design Non Perforated A4 Sheets. All items shipped in C4 envelopes using An Post (Irish Standard Postal Service). Dispatched within 1-2 business days of order from Rosslare, Ireland.

Welcome to the Freebie section, here you'll find a collection of free models for you to download and build right away. Many of these were test models and prototypes so in some cases the finer details are not on a par with the final editions of kits for sale on this page, anyhow, get building and have a lot of fun doing it!

For best results print on 200-250GSM white card.


**Non-Ferry stuff is at the bottom**

Name Operator/Year
Adonis Cebsmodels N/A
(Free Download)
Based on the ill-fated Zenobia here's a cool fictional freebie for you to download and build.

European Fantasy

Cebs Models N/A
(Free Download)
Based on the European Gateway models this is the European Fantasy and best of all she's free to a good home!
F**k Covid Cebs Models N/A
(Free Download)
Based on the Stena Europe this model was created to lift a friends spirit during the early days of Covid-19. As the hull contains the term F**k this one is NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN.
Irish Sailer Cebs Models N/A
(Free Download)
Based on the Stena Sailer.
Lucky Penny Cebs Models N/A
(Free Download)
One of my absolute favourites
Olau Searunner Olau N/A
(Free Download)
A fictional freebie for you to download and build, based on a Searunner Phase 1 sporting an Olau livery.
Saint Freebie Sealink British Ferries N/A
(Free Download)
Based on the Stena Seafarer
Saint Patrick II Irish Ferries Ferries N/A
(Free Download)
Saint Patricks II 2021 Themed Livery
Spirit Of Free Model Kits Townsend Thoresen N/A
(Free Download)
What could have been. A Townsend Thoresen livery wrapped around the Stena Fantasia hull, and it's free!
Stena Fiction Stena Line N/A
(Free Download)
It was suggested to me that the Stena Shoebox sisters would have looked great in a modern Stena livery, so here it is.
The 700 Ceb's Models
(Free Download)
Based on the DSB sisters with optional weathered hull build

Cars (Right click and 'Save Target As'). Best printed on 200-250gsm

Ford Escort MK2 Rothmans (1/24)
Renault 5 Van & Renault 4 Police Car (1/43)
Renault 12 & Dacia 1310 (1/43)
Renault 5 TL (1/24)
Renault 11 Turbo (1/24)
Renault 12 Break (1/24)
Rover 800 (1/24)
Toyota AE86 'Stay At Home' (1/24)