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Kits are printed on 250GSM Semi Gloss Pro-Design Non Perforated A4 Sheets. All items shipped in C4 envelopes using An Post (Irish Standard Postal Service). Dispatched within 1-2 business days of order from Rosslare, Ireland.
The 2020 Vehicle Mega-Pack

Get your glasses out because this is a big list, it's the 2020 vehicle mega pack, there's lots of cool stuff in here for both your ferries and your harbours, check it out!

Page 1:

Long Trucks
-Heisenber Blue
-BB Chemical Research
-Dutch Gold
-Queen Magic Tour
-TT Line
-North Sea Ferries

Short Trucks
-P&O Ferrymasters (White)
-P&O Ferrymasters (Blue)
-Vercetti Logistics
-Hannibal's Meats

Container Trucks
-Hapag Lloyd
-P&O Ferrymasters (White)
-P&O Ferrymasters (Light Blue)

Page 2:
Super Long Trucks
-Ld Lines
-P&O Irish Sea
-P&O North Sea
-Cebs Models
-Gedser Travemunde
-Brittany Ferries (Modern Livery)
-Caledonian MacBrayne
-B&I Line
-Thanadol Group
-North Sea Ferries
-Stena Line
-Humans Inside
-North Sea Ferries #2

Medium Trucks
-Townsend Thoresen
-Stena Line
-Algerie Ferries

Short Trucks
-Brittany Ferries (Old Livery)


Page 3:
Assorted Trucks
-Corbones Frozen Meats
-Los Pollos Hermanos (Med)
-Pablo's Products
-Paper Street Soap Company
-Los Pollos Hermanos (Long)

Assorted Vehicles
-Mr. White's Mobile Meth Lab
-North Sea Ferries

-Catering (Van)
-Black (Van)
-Ceb's Models (Van)
-Psst (Postal Services) (Van)
-Coke (Van)
-Beer Van
-Winnebago (From Walking Dead - Clean Version)

Terminal Trekkers (Shunters)
-Yellow Version x6
-Blue & White Version x6

-Stena Line
-Townsend Thoresen
-Gedser Travemunde
-Brittany Ferries
-Ceb's Models
-Caledonian MacBrayne

Page 4
-Rail Freight Train #1
-Rail Freight Train #2
-Irish Rail Carriage
-German Rail Carriage (Blue)
-German Rail Carriage (Red)
-Irish Locomotive #1
-Irish Locomotive #2
-German Locomotive #1
-German Locomotive #2
-Irish Rail Train
-M O'Byrne Box Body Van
-Fire Engine
-CP Partridge Boxbody
-Winnebago (From Walking Dead - Bloody Version)
-Scooby Doo Mystery Machine
-A-Team Van

-Tour Bus
-Bus Eireann #1
-Bus Eireann #2
-Irish Double Decker #1
-Irish Double Decker #2
-British Double Decker (Red)

The Worker Boats
This is a single sheet pack containing a fuel tender ship (Eccson Spiller) and a light ship (The North Star).